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The value limit set for shipments is two hundred pesos ($ 200.00), as provided in Article 15 of Decree Law No. 22 of April 16, 1979.

While the postal, messenger and parcels offices are the responsible for ensuring the shipments’ security and integrity as for postal parcels and messengers, transport companies are the ones responsible for all the other shipments.



For Customs  item valuation (ad valorem), the alternative peso / price is the one that is used through which the weight of the miscellanea in the shipment is obtained. The following items are considered MISCELLANEA: footwear, clothing, foodstuffs, personal and household cleanliness products, jewellery, lingerie, perfumes and the like.

Household appliances and other durable equipment, their parts and the like are not considered miscellanea. Such appliances and equipment are valued separately, they are not weighted and are considered to be within the shipment limit value. For shipments sent by air or sea and via postal and messenger services, the ratio twenty (20) pesos equal to one (1) kilogram is applied.



Non-commercial shipments for individuals for a total amount up to thirty dollars (30.00) are exempt from payment. Items exceeding thirty dollars and up to the maximum of two hundred pesos (200.00) will pay a rate of 100% of its value.

The payment of customs duties for all shipments will be paid by the addressee in Cuba in CUC.