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There are items which, to be imported, require a permit or authorization from a competent body or authority, namely:

  • Wireless fax equipment; switchboards; data network devices; cordless telephones except those operating in 40 - 49 MHz bands, 2.4 GHz bands, 5 GHz bands and 1 900 MHZ (1.9 GHZ) bands; wireless microphones and accessories; radio transmitters; radio transceivers, including walkie-talkies; professional radio receivers; ground stations and satellite communications terminals, including satellite dishes and satellite phones (by the Ministry of Computing Sciences and Communications.)
  • Satellite Positioning Systems (SPS, GPS) used to determine the geographical coordinates in a site, for hydrographic and geodetic purposes (by the National Office of Hydrography and Geodesy).
  • Bioproducts and pharmaceuticals of animal origin and for veterinary use, according to the health and veterinary authorities´ regulations (see details at: http://www.sld.cu/sitios/med-veterinaria/).
  • Flora and fauna specimens or their remains, in any form, according to the health and veterinary authorities´ regulations.
  • Foodstuffs which do not meet the requirements set in the health and veterinary authorities' regulations (see details at: http://www.sld.cu/sitios/med-veterinaria/).
  • Numerous works of art of Cuban and foreign plastic artists published by the Ministry of Culture.
  • Live animals and plants and their parts; products of animal and plant origin, whether prepared or not; which are subjected to inspection and authorization by the veterinary and phytosanitary authorities.
  • Firearms and ammunitions require special authorization by the Ministry of Interior.
  • Species protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna, must have a license issued by the competent authority (CITES permit).

If you are a tourist, we recommend you to contact your travel agent or tour operator for the processing of such permits or authorizations with the relevant agencies.