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What can I take in my baggage while leaving the country?

Passengers have the right to export:

    • Personal belongings.
    • Items and objects temporarily imported and now re-exported, proved by the document given to them by Customs when arriving in the country.
    • An amount up to five thousands (5000) USD  (See  regulations of the Central Bank of Cuba)
    • Items legally purchased in the country, a reasonable amount indicating non-commercial purposes and which are not subjected to any regulation, and if requiring a permit or authorization, it shall be submitted to Customs.

What I cannot take in my baggage while leaving the country?

Do not take with you or as part of your baggage:


  • Drugs, narcotics and psychotropic substances or hallucinogens.
  • Explosives.
  • Blood derivative Products.
  • Obscene or pornographic literature, items and objects that put at risk the general interests of the nation.

The export of the following items and products is not allowed:


  • Cultural assets declared part of the National Cultural Heritage.
  • Manuscript books, incunabula (published between 1440 and 1500).
  • Books and leaflets bearing stamps from libraries from the National System of Public Libraries and from Cuban Entities and  Institutions, as well as "R" Cuban Book publications.
  • Books, leaflets and foreign serial publications printed between the sixteenth and the eighteenth century and Cubans published in the eighteenth century.
  • Lobster, in any quantity and form of presentation.