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What can I import within my baggage?

All passengers arriving Cuba shall fill the Customs Declaration Form providing the information requested.

The passengers' baggage can be:

In addition to their personal belongings, for which no customs duties are paid, passengers can import as baggage, with non-trade purposes and paying customs duties, new and used items  up to the authorized limit value of 1000 pesos. The value of the items arriving in the country as unaccompanied baggage will be part of the maximum value allowed for the passenger.

Minors, provided that they are ten (10) years old, are entitled to import items up to the established limit value. For clearance procedures, they must be assisted by a representing adult. Minors under ten (10) years can only carry their personal belongings according to their age.

Exempt from payment of customs duties are:

What should I not import within my baggage?

Do not bring with you or as part of your baggage:

It is allowed to import all electrical appliances and their parts, except for those which are high consumers as listed below:

    stoves and portable electric stoves, other than induction vitroceramic
    electric ovens, any kind, model and size, others than microwave;
    electric resistance of any kind.

Besides, it is not allowed: