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logo nuevo180In Cuba, the Customs is a border control agency supervising foreign trade related activities.

One of its tasks is to guarantee the safety and security of the socialist society and the national economy, as well as tax collection and the issue of foreign trade statistics by implementing state customs policies for the international traffic of passengers, goods and means of transport.

This website is part of the efforts of the General Customs of the Republic of Cuba to inform all users inside and outside the country of their duties and rights, and thus improve the quality of our service. In this website you will find the customs procedures and regulations in force in the country. Therefore, any information not posted here related to our work provided by any other sources is unofficial and not valid.

In Customer Service, you will find out how this activity is organized in our institution, and the best way to request information on any customs issue or send your complaints. We can assure you will be assisted by technically qualified staff for whom your satisfaction is top priority.