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ICAO provisions concerning the transportation ban on Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs)    



The Cuban Aviation Regulations (RAC-17) have been updated, taking into account the ICAO provisions concerning the transportation ban on Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs) and according to the List of Banned Items.

The General Customs has begun to enforce several procedures for the purpose of implementing these regulations at all international airports of our country.

LAGs: These include: water and other drinkable liquids; foods with sauce or a high content of liquid; creams, lotions, perfumes, cosmetics and oils; gels, including hair and bath gels; substances in self-pressurized containers (for example, aerosols), including shaving foam and other foams and deodorants; pastes, including toothpaste; mixtures of liquid and solid substances; mascara, lip gloss or balsam as well as any other article of a similar consistency at room temperature.

All passengers, upon departing from Cuban airports, should carry the liquids, gels and aerosols (LAGs) in the amounts that exceed 100 ml (3.4 ounces) inside their unaccompanied luggage, that is, the luggage that is checked in at the airline desk. In case any LAGs are found in the hand baggage during the inspection, the Customs would be required to seize them in order to comply with air safety rules.

Passengers will be entitled to carry inside the hand luggage some liquids, aerosols or gels as personal hygiene items as long as their volume does not exceed 100 ml and there is only a single item of a different kind (that is, up to 100 ml of a liquid, an aerosol and a gel).

There are exceptions, such as medicines, special diets and other medical requirements, in which case passengers would be required to show a prescription or a medical certificate and provided the amounts of these substances are in proportion to the passengers’ needs and itineraries. Also exempted are the milk and food for babies, provided they travel on board the aircraft.

The liquids, gels and aerosols that are bought at the airports departure lounge duty free shops or on board of airplanes are not subject to any transportation restriction provided they are adequately packaged and sealed in safety bags against improper handling (STEB) which are to remain closed until the passengers arrive at their final destination.


  • Place on the plastic tray all the metal objects you carry, including your belt, electronic devices, etc.; otherwise the alarm will be set off.
  • Place all the authorized liquids, gels and aerosols in a separate tray. Their volume shall not exceed 100 ml (3.4 ounces/ 100 grams).

If you carry liquids, gels or aerosols in amounts that exceed 100 ml (3.4 ounces) you will not be allowed to enter the departure lounge. You will be required to put these items into the containers located at the check and inspection points so that they can be destroyed.