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aeropuertoCuban Customs is in charge of detecting and fighting the drug trafficking, terrorism and smuggling as well as protecting the population, the national industry and the environment. Therefore, it must exert control on the people and goods coming to and leaving from Cuba.

In parallel to the accomplishment of our tasks, the institution and its staff consider the quality of our work one of its paramount objectives thus we do our best to improve the services offered to the increasing number of passengers visiting our country.

At any place where you arrive in or leave the country, a port, an airport or a coastal area, you will find highly qualified customs inspectors and specialists willing to help you speed up your procedures and provide you with all the information you request.

If any  passenger has to deal with an unexpected or complicated situation while being in any of the airport arrival lounges, he/she has the right to request the presence of the Customs Supervisor who will help him/her according to the set regulations. Customs Supervisor will be always visible to travellers wearing a red vest Download brochure

Cuban Customs, with more than 3 000 employees, is willing to make your passing through our control desks expedite and pleasant. However, for this purpose we need your cooperation by complying with the set customs regulations. We also hope that this website can facilitate your procedures in the Cuban border. Do not hesitate to ask any question related to our regulations that you consider should be clarified, whether in person in any of our offices or through our Customer Assistance.

On behalf of the General Customs of the Republic of Cuba, allow us to wish you a happy stay in our country. You and we together can make your visit to Cuba a pleasant memory forever…