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The items listed below are subjected to export requirements:

a) Medicines:

Passengers can carry up to three units of the same drug locally produced, except those for continuous treatment, according to its duration and accompanied by certification of the Health Center; and in the case of passengers who are non- permanent residents in Cuba, the relevant Official Invoice must be submitted .

b) Cigars:

Travellers leaving the country must orally declare to Customs all cigars they are taking with them or in the accompanying baggage.

As long as the passengers meet the requirements established to export cigars, they can take:

Up to twenty (20) units of bulk cigars, without submitting any document.
Up to fifty (50) units of cigars, but they must be in their original package, unopened, sealed and with the established official hologram. The export is not authorized without meeting these requirements; and

For more than fifty (50) units of cigars, which cannot exceed the amount of 5,000.00 CUC, passengers should produce the formal sale invoice issued by the store chains authorized to sell Cuban cigars, corresponding to all cigars they intend to export which must be in the original package, unopened, sealed and with the established official hologram.

The quantity of cigars exceeding fifty (50) units not declared by travellers and any quantity exceeding the quantity declared, or that having been declared its legal purchase is not backed up by the formal sale invoice, or the packages do not have the attributes and the other requeriments identifying them as Cuban cigars, will be seized.

c) Currency, valuable goods and objets d’art:

Passengers who carry cash in an amount exceeding $ 5000.00 USD or its equivalent in other currencies, must have declared the amount on their arrival or have the corresponding bank authorization.

Regarding pieces of work and collections with numismatic value, the authorization of the Numismatic Museum or the Central Bank of Cuba should be produced.

Passengers who purchase fresh paintings and sculptures at the sale outlets must be assured that they have the stamp which authorizes the export or apply for the corresponding permit, which is a necessary requirement to take the item out of the country.

Permanent residents in Cuba, who require to take professional materials with them to work abroad, must declare it when leaving the country in case they want to take it back when they return.